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Ever since I got my first one as a present from my aunt in 1980 I am kind of addicted to the Rubik´s Cube. Through all the years I never really stopped cubing and with the renaissance of the cube around 2003 I started attending competitions around the world.


My personal cubing highlight was winning a title at the   Rubik´s Cube World Championship 2005 in Orlando/USA.

The picture on the right shows me during the final solve that made me WORLD CHAMPION as well as WORLD RECORD HOLDER in solving the cube with feet.


With my first ever piece of Cube Art I was able to win the mosaic building competition during the Rubik´s Cube European Championship 2010 in Budapest.

The picture on the right shows me with my winning piece "Europe" and a fellow cuber who helped me.




Two years later in 2012 I could manage to repeat this success together with two polish friends of mine, Piotr Frankowski and Mateusz Burnicki, during the Rubik´s Cube European Championship 2012 in Breslau.




Amazing Cube Art by Oliver Wolff  | OW@Amazing-Cube-Art.com