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If you are interested in getting a piece of Amazing Cube Art


- you should send me a couple of photos of your motif because not every photo is suitable for cube art or for the style you may choose


- you can always choose the size and the quantity of the cubes as well as the style you want your piece of amazing cube art to be made


- I will create a design and send you a quote for your approval, free of charge, so you can decide whether to order or not


- please be sure you have checked the Different Styles, a piece made from e. g. 500 cubes in Pixel Style may not fit in a small room


- the more cubes are used the more detailed the finished piece will be


- feel free to send me an email if you have any further questions or if there is something not clear to you  

Amazing Cube Art by Oliver Wolff  | OW@Amazing-Cube-Art.com